Strategy is the art of manipulating an environment to gain a desirable outcome.

Simon Wardley

Mission Statement

Our strategy is open source. We will lead a collaborative effort of the market through our use of digital first culture and insight from data to build a learning organization. By being both agile and customer-focused, our sustainable approach will drive efficiency throughout the organization. Synergies between our platform and ecosystem will enable us to capture the upside by becoming disruptive in a digital business world. These transformations combined with collaborative networking due to our open source content will create a competitive advantage through data leaders and cloud based resources.

Developing an effective strategy takes a lot more than a bold sounding mission statement. That's why we rely on an understanding of our landscape to make effective choices through context specific gameplay.

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Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Open source is the future. All of our resources are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike.


Free Downloads

We do not charge a fee or require an account to download any of our digital business resources.


Fostering Growth

When small business becomes big business through customer-focused best practices, everyone wins.

Our Leadership

Aron Murch

Over the past 15 years, Aron has developed his design and marketing skills across diverse industries. Aron co-founded Lynnvander Studios, a full service board game design studio that produces board game tie-ins for comic books, television shows, and blockbuster movies. Aron further developed his branding expertise working with several local Ontario businesses to revitalize their legacy branding and create focused marketing initiatives. Aron is a partner at 2H Media, and a co-founder of Sprintpoint.

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Matthew Herchel

Over the past few years, Matthew has provided strategic and creative direction across diverse market sectors. Matthew co-founded 2H Media to bring accountability and ethics to the digital advertising community. Certified in programmatic advertising, Matthew uses data and automation to provide high quality consumer experiences. A people person by nature, he has over 10 years of sales expertise in commercial and industrial contracting.

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